Prince in Cobalt Blue

FIRST LADY WISDOM: Honoring the GENIUS known as Prince

FIRST LADY WISDOM: Honoring the GENIUS known as Prince The world has lost another icon. As we mourn the untimely death of Prince Rogers Nelson – Prince, I took a moment to reflect on the impact that he and his music had on me throughout his almost 40 year career. Prince was a trailblazing, hard […]

Body Language Matters!

Do ever wonder why you don’t get the respect you deserve? Do others often ignore you? Your body language might be sending out the wrong signals. To alter your body language, you must understand what you’re currently doing with your body. If possible, set up a video camera and record yourself interacting with others. What […]

Finish what you started |

8 Strategies for Becoming a Consistent Finisher

Can you believe that it’s April of 2016 already? As cliche’ as it sounds, it really does feel like we were just saying goodbye to 2015 and welcoming 2016 with grand intentions for the new year. If you’re like most people, you probably made new years “resolutions,” or set goals for things that you wish […]

9 Proven Strategies For Renewing Your Soul & Restoring Your Work Life Balance

I absolutely love working with high achieving women who are business owners, community leaders and corporate professionals because of the way that “work life balance” shows itself in our lives – for us, work, life and business exist in a confluence from which we cannot easily extract our ways of thinking, loving, relating, and creating […]

The Shattered I

I have a confession to make – This journey of personal development and Spiritual Transformation is not always easy. I’m lying, it’s NEVER easy but it is one that I have chosen to make my #1 PRIORITY, even when it drops me to my knees with the pain of discernment and introspection. So often we […]

Stop Allowing Your Comfort Zone is Steal Away Your Life?

I just realized that there are EXACTLY 100 days until my 46th Birthday. WOW!! Where does the time go? I can remember, like it was yesterday, turning 21, then 25 and 30. Then 35 snuck up on me and 40 was a West coast whirlwind. 45 was quiet and reflective.  So this year, I’ve decided […]

What EXACTLY are you First Lady of???

FIRST LADY MOMENT OF TRANSPARENCY: Over the weekend I had a POWERFUL coaching call with a client that made me reflect on something that happened recently. While spending some time with friends, one of them shared that on several occasions, she had been asked this question about me: “What EXACTLY is Frantonia the “First Lady” […]