5 Steps To Move from Mediocre to Motivated

FIRST LADY LAWS OF SUCCESS: If you TRULY desire to achieve the highest and greatest success for your life, you MUST be willing to do whatever it takes to expand your personal capacity so that you can handle the size of your vision, dream and business. Motivation is the driving force behind life-enhancing change. It […]

Got Self-Esteem?

We all want to feel good about ourselves but many of us go about this  in the ways that will never create self-esteem.  Do you believe that you will have high self-esteem when: • You make a lot of money? • You achieve a high position in your work? • You have an expensive car […]

7 Simple Steps to Reignite Your Motivation When You’ve Lost Your Way

Do you ever feel lost when trying to achieve your goals, especially when progress seems so far away? If you’ve lost your way in trying to achieve a goal, you may find it difficult to rebuild your motivation. But there’s nothing stopping you from picking yourself up again! If you feel like you’re off track, […]

5 Reasons to Live in the Now

5 Reasons to Live in the Now and Take Each Day as it Comes It’s easy to get caught up in planning your future. Planning for a secure and happy future is an important undertaking, but too much attention to a time that is yet to come can greatly inhibit your ability to focus on […]

The Beauty of the Blank Canvas

  FIRST LADY MOMENT OF TRANSPARENCY: I’m sitting here on a brisk Monday morning in December, marveling at absolutely nothing….. And I must admit that I AM beyond overjoyed!! Let me explain, Like Dorothy in the land of Oz, I’ve spent the last decade of my life in the space of the personal development industry. […]

Reunited with the Sacred Masculine and It Feels So Good

FIRST LADY LOVE RULES – REUNITED: So the other day when I was in the airport people watching, I saw the single most epically beautiful and soul stirring reunion between a man and a woman EVER witnessed.  No, it wasn’t one of those fairy tale moments where violins began to play as the two saw […]

Why I Got a Phone Call from Iyanla

  A few short weeks ago I was so deeply moved about the Oprah Winfrey Networks (OWN) “Iyanla Fix My Life” episode with Terrell Owens that I wrote an “Open Letter to Iyanla Vanzant” to respectfully share my thoughts on what I felt was an egregious oversight on the part of the show (host, producers & network). […]