Silent No More

FIRST LADY CALL TO ACTION: It’s a FRANtastic Friday and I’d like to invite you to listen in to KCEP-Fm (Power 88) this morning at 9:30 am PST as I talk with George Kilpatrick of New Inspiration for the Nation about my recent “Open Letter to Iyanla Vanzant” about the Oprah Winfrey Networks (OWN) “Iyanla Fix My Life” […]

Looks Like I Struck a Nerve!!

My GOD!! It looks like I struck a nerve… For the last 24 hours my Facebook page / inbox and my private email inbox has been ablaze; further, my phone has not stopped ringing with messages about my blog post on yesterday. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, here is the link. HUNDREDS of women […]

An Open Letter to @IyanlaVanzant – Shame on YOU Iyanla!!

Dear Mother Iyanla, Let me start this post by saying that I have been a die-hard follower of you and your teachings for decades; the shelves of my library are filled with each and everything you’ve ever written, I even own both copies of the book that started it all, Tapping the Power Within (the first one […]

7 Simple Ways to Bring More Pleasure and Satisfaction into Your Everyday Life

Life is a beautiful journey that you only get the pleasure to enjoy once. For this reason, it’s important that you maximize your time on this earth by ensuring that you enjoy every single moment you can. It’s the little things in life that bring you the most joy. Some people believe that your level […]

Do you have the courage to embrace your own dreams?

FIRST LADY WISDOM: Even when your situation (job, relationship, health, finance, sex life, business) becomes unbearably UNcomfortable, it is human nature to seek to remain “comfortable” – at ANY cost. In my coaching practice, this phenomena often shows up right after a client experiences a HUGE breakthrough, victory or success; this ‘fight or flight’ instinct […]

If You Happen to See Me Crying on My Birthday

PEELING BACK THE PRETTY: As my 45th birthday approaches, I AM overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions – most of all joy. You see, there was a time when the tragedies in my life overwhelmed me with such intense grief that quite frankly I just didn’t want to be here. The journey back to me; […]