VIP Coaching


Some of the things you might want to achieve while we work together:

Create balance in your life.  Make time for what counts and make room for joy and peace while reducing activities that drain you, stress you, or cause you to miss out on a full life.

Work towards a life mission.  Vision the life you always wanted, plan how to achieve your vision, and take action to accomplish your goals.  You can begin this process today by filling out the Initial Coaching Questionnaire!

Get your career and finances in order.  Make your present career work better for you or create the career or business that fits your needs.  Become great at making money, living within your means, paying off debt, budgeting, saving for major purchases, saving for a rainy day, and saving for retirement.

Create better relationships.  Communicate better and love more.  See the beauty in yourself, in others, and in the world around you.  Become more connected, more grateful, and more present.  Get the relationships you want with your significant other, family, friends, co-workers, your higher power, and yourself.       life-coach-change         

Take excellent care of yourself.  Eat healthily and exercise regularly.  Nurture yourself and consult with experts.

Know yourself better and move through blocks to greatness.  Discover the source of your destructive habits and your resistance to change.  Find strength and support to step through this resistance and create the fabulous life you deserve.

Have more energy, fun and peace.  When you begin to surround yourself with support, eliminate stressors, increase your resources, take excellent care of yourself, understand yourself better, and work towards a life with purpose and balance, you will become more peaceful, and have more energy and fun.


During this 60 minute laser coaching session, you’ll gain access to proven tips, tools, resources and strategies that will move you into the phenomenal results that you desire. No topic (life, business/career/relationships/sexuality etc.) is off limits as I use a holistic approach to unveil your soul-deep vision and create the precise steps you need to go from vision to victory.

Whether your focus is on personal development such as:

  • Creating more balance between work and life. 
  • Learning to honor your needs, set healthy boundaries and put yourself first.
  • How to attract a loving and supportive mate.
  • Techniques for reigniting the passion and romance in your relationship.

Or on creating success as an entrepreneur such as:

  • Proven strategies for starting a business right.
  • Local and internet marketing strategies
  • How to maximize social media
  • Creating a successful brand
  • How to host and plan profitable events
  • Writing a book for impact and income
  • or any other topic that’s top of mind for your life and business. 

We will design a personalized strategic action plan for creating a life and business that not only feeds your bank account, but fulfills your soul.  

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