This Powerful 7 Day Money Manifestation Challenge Starts on November 8
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    During this POWERFUL 7 Day Money Manifestation Journey You Will Learn:

      • Day 1: How to Boldly and Unapologetically Ask the Universe for Exactly What You Want – And Get It!
      • Day 2: How to Uncover, Uproot and Eliminate Your Hidden Fears About Money – Once and for All!
      • Day 3: How to Powerfully Invest in Yourself and Your Business – and Still Make Money!
      • Day 4: From COE to CEO: Learn to Use Money as a Tool to Multiply the Profits in Your Business!
      • Day 5: How to Have a Guilt-Free, Hot & Sexy, Never-ending Love Affair with Your Money
      • Day 6: How to Create Predictable Profits: 6 Simple and Easy Steps to Power Profit Planning and Wealth Activation
      • Day 7: Discover the Hidden Secrets that Every 6 - 7 Figure Woman Entrepreneur Must Know to Pre-pare Themselves for REAL Abundance
      Dr. Frantonia Pollins | Quantum Wealth: 7 Day Money Manifestation Challenge for Service Based, Women Entrepreneurs

      Your $7 investment includes 7 days of exercises, training, support and accountability within a powerful community of like-minded extraordinary women entrepreneurs!