Dr. Frantonia Pollins’ TEDx talk has been hailed as “powerfully thought provoking…. with a transparency that is absolutely riveting…a paradigm shifting conversation on women’s empowerment, whose time has come.”

Frantonia is a moving and dynamic speaker, who wows the world; giving us all a front row seat at how she uses her own captivating life story of surviving a tragic medical catastrophe and overcoming unimaginable adversity, as a compelling example of how her commitment to personal, spiritual & professional development helped her to go from being a once homeless, single mom to a six figure business owner.

A wildly successful entrepreneur, spiritually spicy author, transformational thought leader and the kick-ass life & business coach behind the global movement known as “1,000,000 Women D.E.B.T. Free,” Dr. Frantonia Pollins is serious about her mission to empower, inspire and transform the lives, careers and businesses of 1,000,000 women worldwide….…oh yeah, AND she’s serious about her stilettos.

Author of “One Powerful Question,” and the ever popular #FirstLadyWisdom series, Frantonia, affectionately known as the “First Lady of Empowerment,” is the Founder and Head Mistress of “The First Lady Lifestyle & Leadership Academy,” where her signature “High Art of Womanhood Mastery Program,” a powerful and groundbreaking 9-month course, a combination of sisterhood circles, rejuvenation retreats, empowerment workshops, B-School and, private VIP coaching sessions, has been instrumental in successfully guiding hundreds of high achieving women to unleash the unapologetic power of pleasure, self-care, core confidence, creativity and feminine leadership.

Members of this exclusive and secret society create a personalized Sacred Success Strategy that bridges the gap between their paycheck and their passionate purpose; one that honors their business AND feeds their soul, so that they can embrace a more connected, fulfilling and whole-hearted lifestyle, AND build businesses that leave a Multi-Generational Legacy of Wealth.

A multi-published author, Frantonia eagerly anticipates the 2016 release of her next book, “The Sexy Side of Success: Redefining Feminine Leadership, from the Boardroom to the Bedroom.
The First Lady Lifestyle & Leadership Academy is currently offering qualified individuals the opportunity to secure a partial Scholarship for “High Art of Womanhood Mastery Program,”. To request your scholarship application please visit www.FrantoniaPollins.com