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This is an exploratory session with a seasoned strategy coach, to give you clarity
I want to hear about your business as it is now and map out a plan for next steps
Let's explore together if you are a right fit for our signature program to grow your business exponentially, without sacrificing your life


You're overwhelmed and lacking a bit of clarity. This is normal. There comes a time for most business owners when going that one step further seems that one step too far. Like that next level has a barrier just a little too high to climb and you can't quite scale it. This feeling isn't a bad thing. This feeling is, in fact, a great thing. It usually means that you're getting the signal that it is time to break through the 6-figure mark, hit your next multiple of 6-figures OR even click over into the 7-figure space.

If you've known for some time that a change is needed, then the next best step you can make now is registering for a Million Dollar Expert Ask Me Anything Session. It's 100% private, 1-on-1 and designed to help you gain clarity on where your focus needs to go so that you can make your next great leap.

Your session will be with a successful Million Dollar Expert
The Million Dollar Expert Business model has been taught to 10,000s of women in business globally - it works
The Million Dollar Expert Business approach is proven to guide businesses beyond 6-figures and through into 7+ figures

We Get Results...

You only need to spend a few moments looking through the success that our Million Dollar Expert community has had to see that I know how to help better than anyone else.


Working with Dr. Frantonia Pollins has given me a safe and protected place to do the REAL WORK of HEALING myself. It has been, terrifying & terrific, overwhelming, exhausting, exhilarating & EMPOWERING! It continues to be a JOURNEY worth taking! Today, I am thriving in my business, professional, & financial life! I am open and ready for the LOVE & ABUNDANCE I deserve! I would NOT be here without the coaching, counseling, and guidance of Dr. Frantonia! I AM NOW and will continue to be the FIRST Lady in my LIFE!


Zenja Dunn
Financial Advisor, Forex & Crypto Trader

"cracked me WIDE OPEN"

Thank you for helping me realize the monetary value of my work and gifts and why that money is also important not only to do my work well, but an opportunity to heal a wound I know lives in my blood. I have understood it intellectually in the past but today when I shared with you the limiting belief I have around receiving money for this work, that has cracked me WIDE OPEN. There was a physical response in my body and it didn't feel good. So, yeah, I am done with that.

Thank you once again for your presence and generosity today.

Deepika Dabhi
Ayurvedic Practitioner | Womb Healer Vedic 
Wellness Educator

"I feel honored and safe with her"

Being in the presence of Dr. Frantonia called something in my soul to rise, to show up in all my greatness unapologetically. And for that, I am so deeply grateful. While I believe in my work and myself, I still struggle with visibility and over-giving, and not receiving. These are deep colonial wounds that I have worked on for a long time but that comes up when my work and platform grow. While this is my work, it is a lifelong journey and I need support too. Spirit brought her into my life at the right time. I know that my work with her is part of my soul’s journey. I felt seen and heard. I felt cared for. I felt held in working with her. I’m writing this with such gratitude in my heart and tears in my eyes. I feel honored and safe with her as a sensitive being and a Xicana/woman of color. She is a gift to us all. A deep bow to you, Dr. Frantonia.
All my love and gratitude,

Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza
Decolonial Healer, Energy Worker, & See

"transform my thinking"

I approached Dr. Frantonia because for quite a while I have had difficulty asserting my value, both in personal and professional situations. I also struggle with procrastination and fear of stepping into the spotlight, and my own power. I enrolled in Dr. Frantonia's Take Back Your Life program and, after a few short weeks, Dr. Frantonia helped me to discover the root cause of my procrastination and difficulty having business conversations around my value and money, and the fears that cause me to resist stepping into the spotlight. Discovering these fears also allowed me to see where they show up in all aspects of my life, and to begin to transform my thinking...To be succinct, I went from feeling scattered, undervalued, and lost to feeling focused, determined and empowered to achieve the life and business of my dreams. Most importantly, Dr. Frantonia taught me how to build my business around my life, instead of building my life around my business.

Beth Lawrence
Entrepreneur, Catalyst & Innovator. Cannabis advocate

Imagine What Business Would Feel Like...

Being an entrepreneur is one of the toughest trials that anybody can commit themselves to. That being said, the payoff can be significant when it all comes together with the way we dream an hope it will - and this is why brave souls like you go on the journey.

A little known lesson that many of us who do go into business for ourselves don't discover quickly enough though is that the struggle is greatly reduced when we learn to stand on the shoulders of giants.

This is what the Million Dollar Expert Ask Me Anything Session offer is about.

With just one exploratory call, I'm able to look into your business with you, pull back some of the curtains you may have kept shut for a while and pour the light onto the things that are going to move the dial for you as you prepare yourself to take your next big step up.

Let's Chat...

There's no telling to what just an hour of your time with us might produce.

Very few people who have succeeded in business have done so by themselves, manning the trenches of business all alone. "Self-made" is very rarely an accurate title which as you probably know, gets thrown around a lot. Real success in business is undeniably down to an entrepreneur's ability to connect with the right communities, mentors and coaches who can help them fill the gaps that they themselves often don't realize exist.

Register below to book your Million Dollar Expert Ask Me Anything Session - you deserve this.


Jumping on a Million Dollar Expert Ask Me Anything Session with me is simple, rewarding and fun - not to mention probably unlike anything you've experienced in the past. The first thing you need to know is that it's 100% obligation free - I just want to hear about your situation, see what's not working and map out with you, a plan of next steps.

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