We're Unveiling the Hidden Truths about Women, Sex, God & Money.


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    A 5 Part Series of Candid Conversations for Women Who Want to Live Without Limits.
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  • May 14 - May 18, 2018

    LIVE in my private Virtual Classroom @ 6pm PST, 9pm EST

What You Will Learn During This POWERFUL Series:

  • Reclaim Feminine Mastery In The 3 Areas Where Women Are Taught To Be Powerless

    A candid conversation about how women have been kept in the dark about “Feminine mysteries,” and how this effects EVERY aspect of our lives, businesses and bank accounts.

  • Discover the Hidden Link Between Your Sex Life And Your Bank Account

    Let’s take a deep dive into the truth about the power, impact and profit of feminine sexual energy.

  • Master The No. 1 Strategy Every Woman Must Know In Order to Overcome The Seduction Of Self-Sabotage

    Identify and explore the seductive ways that women are lured into self sabotage.

Join this POWERFUL Series Designed for Women Who Want More!

Sarah Martin Sarah Martin, Sarah Martin Healing

“Frantonia knows just the right questions to ask…” Frantonia has great clarity and creativity when it comes to business direction and knows just the right questions to ask you to get you to make the most powerful moves in your business. I highly recommend Frantonia for anyone looking to make bold empowered changes in their business.

Tiffany Michelle' Tiffany Michelle', Author | Graphic Designer

“I Trust Your Work and Your Intentions Fully!!”
You have proven time and time again that you are true to helping others achieve personal growth…. I trust your work and your intentions fully!!  I can see the outcomes of my participation and its looking rather marvelous. I’ve released a lot just since our 30 minute session. Thank you so much for your love and dedication to assisting others and for being obedient to your desire. Much Light sis.

Michelle Hastie Thompson Michelle Hastie Thompson, Total Body Health Solutions

When I first met with Frantonia she was helping me with the task of naming my proprietary system. After just 30 minutes she named each step and the name of the system which is a product I still use to this day.

And that is not all she is great at....Frantonia has a certain ability to cut through the BS in the most loving way and stand for women in a way that may have never been able to stand for themselves. She is a woman I both admire and appreciate for her many gifts including women empowerment, business coaching/consulting and overall personal development to help you live an incredible life.

Laura Lash Brzegowy Laura Lash Brzegowy, Color Consultant

"Aha moment!! What I didn’t fully understand was that I had longstanding negative beliefs and judgements about “strong women," and that I was holding myself back from being the powerful woman that I naturally am.

Working with Frantonia has opened me up to a brand new world of self-love and acceptance which has empowered me to start creating the life that I used to wistfully dream about.  I can honestly say that I’m an entirely new woman than I was 6 short months prior to working with her, and I continually thank my lucky stars for discovering her. Frantonia is a gifted coach that you’ll never ever regret working with"