Million Dollar Expert
Business Model Audit

 45 Minute Private Audit

Your Time is NOW!

Does this sound familiar?

You're ready to take bold and confident steps to grow your coaching practice, but need to hash out the right strategy, process and action plan to make it happen.

That's exactly what we'll create with your customized Million Dollar Expert Business Model Audit

During these times of change, disruption, shifts and pivots, having the right tools and strategies can make a HUGE difference in your business success.

With this private, one-on-one audit of your current business model, you'll walk away with a customized step-by-step blueprint to market your offer, enroll more clients and generate more revenue.

While these sessions are 100% personalized and customized, here are the top areas that clients typically explore:

This is for you if you need to:

Get crystal clear clarity about the ONE coaching strategy that deserves your time, attention and energy.
Take a hard look at what's working in your business and what isn't working and make the necessary adjustments.
See the blind spots that have kept you from accomplishing the vision you see for your business.
Outline specific strategies around marketing, sales, branding and pricing to generate more clients and more revenue.
Commit and design to a lead process that attracts your ideal client ready to invest in your coaching services.
Understand the launch system that builds your community and creates the opportunity to enroll..
Design the enrollment scripts and conversations to convert your leads into paying clients.
Make final decisions on your signature offer, niche and fulfillment process.
Move past the thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that hold you hostage to your goals.

How would your business change if you got a proven strategy and system that taught you how to market and enroll clients into $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 coaching programs?

This personalized session can show you the way.

During this 45 Minute intensive session, some have chosen to focus on:

How to deliver incredible value to your coaching clients through relevant offers they will happily invest in.
What differentiates you from every other coach and how do you communicate that in the marketplace.
The exact structure of a profitable coaching practice and how to implement it fast.
How to get comfortable putting yourself "out there" to showcase your expertise.
How to attract ideal clients…and actively discourage those who aren’t a good fit.

How it works:

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Million Dollar Expert
Business Model Audit

Virtual, Private Coaching Session With Dr. Frantonia Pollins
45 Minute
Investment: $700


Dr. Frantonia Pollins

The unapologetic voice for feminine leadership and entrepreneurial success; Dr. Frantonia Pollins is one of the most highly requested, globally sought speakers and transformational coaches in the industry.

Her TEDx talk has been hailed as “powerfully thought-provoking…. with a transparency that is absolutely riveting…a paradigm-shifting conversation on women’s empowerment and feminine leadership, whose time has come.”

A once homeless, single mother, Dr. Frantonia gives us all a front-row seat at how she uses her own captivating life story of surviving a tragic medical catastrophe and overcoming unimaginable adversity, as a compelling example of how her commitment to personal, spiritual, professional, and psychosexual development, transformed every area of her life -personal, professional, financial, and spiritual; empowering her to go from zero clients to six figures in less than 1 year.

For more than 20 years, entrepreneurial leader, transformational coach, speaker, and trusted advisor, Dr. Frantonia Pollins has had one big mission: to empower 1,000,000 women worldwide to conquer their fears about money and wealth; inspire them to discover their own uniquely Divine and powerful purpose on the planet, and guide them as they create successful businesses that transform the world and leave a multi-generational legacy of wealth.

Through a holistic approach that combines Ancient Spiritual Wisdom, subconscious reprogramming, and time-tested, profit-producing life & business strategies, Dr. Frantonia Pollins’ work with world-class women who are global leaders, change-makers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs and professional service-based business owners, has allowed her to successfully help hundreds of thousands of women from more than 22 countries to master their mindset, monetize their skillset, increase their profits, and live a life of UNAPOLOGETIC success.

Million Dollar Expert
Business Model Audit

Lock in your Private 45 minute Session with Dr. Frantonia.
Let's ACTIVATE your profits

Investment: $700

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