Limited Time 50%+ Scholarship

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Starts February 16, 2021

I've put my entire entry level personal success formula into this 6-month Self-Mastery
program so you can experience your own success


Masterclass Schedule:

**All Masterclass Sessions are at 10 am PST and will be recorded with replays available in your member portal. 

Limited Time 50%+ Scholarship

Redeem Your Scholarship Before the Timer Ends!

Starts February 16, 2021


I live in another country, can I still join Permission to Succeed?

Absolutely! We have clients and members who live all over the world. All masterclasses are recorded and available for replay in the member portal. 

Will Permission to Succeed help me with building my coaching or service-based business?

Not directly. P2S is a personal transformation program with a focus on self-mastery. The concepts will have an indirect effect on all areas of your life, including your career and/or business.

What happens after I enroll?

You will receive 3 emails: 1) Your purchase receipt. 2) Your welcome email with access to our Private Facebook community, and 3) Access to our membership portal. All handouts will be uploaded to the portal.

I want to work with you in 1:1 Private Coaching. Is this included in Permission to Succeed?

Permission to Succeed in offers 2 levels of access. Our Premium level includes group coaching only. Our Elite level includes 3 - 45 Minute Private Coaching sessions where we can take a personal look at how the course content applies to your personal circumstances. Private sessions take place in months 2, 4 & 6.

Permission to Succeed is NOT what I thought. Can I receive a refund?

We do not offer refunds. If you'd like to cancel your membership, you must email us to cancel within the first 30 days. 

How does billing work?

If you choose to enroll on our Flex Pay plan, then your first payment will be deducted immediately. Ech remaining payment will be autodrafted every 30 days. If you choose the full pay option. you will make one payment and you're in. 

I just enrolled bue haven't received an email yet. What should I do?

Be sure to check your promotions, spam, and/or junk folders in your email account. To make sure that our emails don't end up there in the future, please whitelist our email. If you have tried this and still can't find our email within 24 hours, please send an email to.

If you want a life filled with MORE LIFE, I created this course for you!

I'm Dr. Frantonia Pollins, and for more than 20 years, I have coached THOUSANDS of extraordinary women, from all over the world, and there are a few things that consistently show up.
1) Far too many women are living mediocre lives ruled by fear.
2) Far too many women have no idea what the REALLY want for themselves.
3) Far too many women are afraid to give themselves permission to experience, let alone live a life overflowing with joy, success, wealth, and pleasure.


I created this program to help women break free from the barriers that have kept them from giving themselves permission to succeed. 

These Phenomenal Women have used my success formula to transform their live, now you can



“Frantonia knows just the right questions to ask…” Frantonia has great clarity and creativity when it comes to business direction and knows just the right questions to ask you to get you to make the most powerful moves in your business. I highly recommend Frantonia for anyone looking to make bold empowered changes in their business.  

Sarah Martin

CEO of BeLuxe Your Life/Sarah Martin Healing


"What an empowering and transformative event. I had so many “aha moments” and left with tons of easy to do action items that I have already started to implement to grow my business." I am recommitted to my business!  I am renewed of spirit!  I am determined to meet new challenges head on!.  I am attracting more clients because of this renewed energy. In kind, my monthly income has doubled."  

Zenja Dunn



"Frantonia Pollins is an exceptional speaker, with grace and presence. I was captivated and intrigued during the whole process. She was able to deliver her message with clarity and passion, which kept the entire room wanting and waiting for more."  

Latanya Goodgame



"What an amazing experience! Frantonia provided a safe place for us women to reflect on the barriers that have held us back while examining what it is we want in our future."  

Patrina McKinney

Entrepreneur | Community Activist


"These are my numbers for this Quarter, which in QAR equals $15,000 USD in 3 months. That is an average of $5,000/mo USD. I DID IT, Dr Frantonia!!!"  

Anahi Brown

Self-Care Coach


“Aha moment!! What I didn’t fully understand was that I had longstanding negative beliefs and judgements about “strong women," and that I was holding myself back from being the powerful woman that I naturally am.

Working with Frantonia has opened me up to a brand new world of self-love and acceptance which has empowered me to start creating the life that I used to wistfully dream about.  I can honestly say that I’m an entirely new woman than I was 6 short months prior to working with her, and I continually thank my lucky stars for discovering her. Frantonia is a gifted coach that you’ll never ever regret working with her. 

Laura Lash Brzegowy

CEO of BeLuxe Your Life/Sarah Martin Healing


"When I first met with Frantonia she was helping me with the task of naming my proprietary system. After just 30 minutes she named each step and the name of the system which is a product I still use to this day. 

And that is not all, she is great at, Frantonia has a certain ability to cut through the BS, in the most loving way, and stand for women in a way that may have never been able to stand for themselves. She is a woman I both admire and appreciate for her many gifts including women empowerment,
business coaching/consulting and overall personal development to help you live an incredible life."

Michelle Thompson

Emotional Eating Specialist


"I feel more motivated and encouraged to  see that I can be 
happy and create a business that will generate financial stability for my family and allow me to give and live my dream to others.  I see and have a clear vision for myself, my marriage, my family and my business and I am so grateful to Frantonia for being transparent, open and frank in a way that allowed me to see myself and develop what I already had in me."  

Michelle McFadden Blalock



"Frantonia is a beacon of light and hope to so many of us who are women entrepreneurs, struggling to make our visions come true. Her mission is to liberate us from the burdens of doubt and fear, so that we can becomeall we are meant to be! Frantonia epitomizes strength, courage and passion. She has walked the walk, and has been a real inspiration to me. I recommend her highly!" 

Barbara Niven



"You have proven time and time again that you are true to helping others achieve personal growth. I trust your work and your intentions fully! I can see the outcomes of my participation and it's looking rather marvelous. I've released a lot since our 1:1 session. Thank you so much for your love and dedication to assisting others and for being obedient to your calling. Much Light Sis." 

Tiffany Michelle'

MBA | Entrepreneur

Limited Time 50%+ Scholarship

Redeem Your Scholarship Before the Timer Ends!

Starts February 2, 2021

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