Discover How To Get Off the
1:1 Client Hamster Wheel, and Turn Your Coaching Expertise Into A Fun, Successful,
and Highly Profitable Business You LOVE.

Stop wasting time chasing after clients and find out what really works for coaches just like you...

Dear Coach,

You have an important message to share.

You've been in the trenches. You've learned from your successes - and failures. You've even helped friends and family design a lifestyle or business they love.

And if you could just get the word out, you could help many, many more.

But that's the rub, isn't it? Friends, family, colleagues and clients all tell you how you've helped them, and maybe they're even paying you (good for you!). But pretty soon you'll discover that...

One-on-One Coaching Is
the Fastest Path to Financial Failure

While reaching one-on-one clients is often seen as the ultimate goal for coaches, in reality, this is just the beginning and is destined to ruin your business!

Here's why:

There are only so many hours in the day. And even fewer of them are available for one-on-one clients, when you stop to consider that you have other things to do, like:

·         Marketing

·         Billing

·         Social media engagement

·         Program development

·         and your own work with a coach or mentor

By the time you fit all of  that in - and make no mistake, all of those things and more are critical to your success - you'll be lucky to have 2 or 3 free hours per day for those one-on-one clients - let alone a happy and fulfilling life!

And let's not forget that working one-on-one is, while quite rewarding, also incredibly draining. Being "on" for hours at a time is nearly impossible, so the fact that you're not earning six-figures and more simply with one-on-one clients is not surprising.

The solution? It's so simple that many new and even experienced coaches overlook it...

Learn How to Build a Thriving, Profitable Coaching Business,
NOT a Job! (and have fun doing it!)

If you're limiting your coaching to working one-on-one with clients, then, let’s be honest, what you have is a job. Sure, you may have several bosses, and you even get to name your own salary (to a point), but it's still a job. It requires you to be present, and you're paid directly for the time you spend.

And as you've likely discovered by now, that's not really scalable.

The number of hours in a day are limited, so you can't simply give yourself a raise by working more
Raising your rates brings in more per hour, but reduces the number of clients you attract
Want to go on vacation? Take time off for a new baby, or create a consistent self-care ritual? Well you might as well say goodbye to your paycheck

Clearly, there must be a better way. But before you rush off to create a whole catalog of offers, remember...

Let Me Show You How to Create the Solid
Framework for a 6-7 Figure Coaching Business!

As a coach, you know you don't have to have all the answers. That's what good training and mentorship is for! And building a successful coaching business is no different.

In the supportive environment of the results-driven “The Highly Profitable Coach Academy" Partner Program, you'll get the direction you need in an experiential, step-by-step format filled with proven strategies. These are the exact techniques I've used and taught other hugely successful coaches how to use to build solid businesses faster than you might think is possible.

It covers everything from designing a client-attracting website to turning one-time buyers into raving fans (who purchase everything you offer).

And because it's organized into actionable bite-sized chunks, there's no worry that you'll become overwhelmed and frozen by indecision and confusion, as there is with so many large training programs. Not only that, but no matter where you are in your journey to build a coaching business, you can jump right in at just the place where you need help.

Here's a sampling of what's covered each month...

I Believe That Every Experienced Coach Has 6-7 Figure Potential

I trust that you haven't read through this and thought, "This isn't for me. I'm just too new/old/unknown/inexperienced." 

But if you have, then I want you to know one thing: Every top-earning coach you see out there started exactly where you are today.

No one is born knowing how to build a business. We don't learn the ins and outs of funnel creation by osmosis.

But you can learn it. You can develop a truly successful, profitable six-figure coaching business, no matter where you are right now.

Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Building
the Life and Business of Your Dreams

There has never been a better time to start or grow a coaching business. As more and more people discover the true benefits of coaching, the demand continues to grow--but so does the competition.

Stand out from the crowd and give your audience the products, services and transformation they're begging for. You owe it to them, and you owe it to yourself.

What To Expect

What's Included In
The Highly Profitable Coach Academy
Immersive Mentorship

Investing in your business growth & development is one of the best ways to create
a solid foundation for sustainable success in all areas of your life, career and business.

Learn The Art of
Highly Profitable Coaching

You'll be working closely with us for the next 12 week.

Our ultimate goal is for you to have your Golden Offer and messaging ready in the our first 3 weeks (or less), so we can start enrolling clients and get you into profit mode as soon as possible.

The good news is that we have structured our academy in a way that it provides you unprecedented support by partnering with you to walk you step by step through the process to make it extremely simple for you.

The 4 Essential Cornerstones
for Life & Business Success

There are 4 distinct cornerstones to the program...

The First Cornerstone

THE FIRST CORNERSTONE is that you get unlimited, access to "The Highly Profitable Coach Academy" for a full yea.

This is our Mothership Online Business Coaching Offering that will teach you how to implement our framework to reach your life and business goals.

We make it simple for you to learn and follow along step-by-step. You'll get templates, checklists, and scripts that make it easy for clients to pay you premium prices for your expertise.

The online academy is a phenomenal resource but we don't just give you videos and paperwork and expect you to figure things out on your own. We've designed this program to help you accelerate your results.

You're getting all the knowledge and training need to not only reach, but exceed your 6-7 figure goals.

But we don't stop there because we know that the very best way to reach and sustain results is by working with a coach to get personal guidance and accountability.

The Second Cornerstone

That's why with the SECOND CORNERSTONE - You will receive personal guidance every single week to support you through the process and help you stay on track.

We are deeply committed to helping our clients to get results so we have created a unique way of supporting you by reviewing your action assignments and providing you with exact guidance on your next steps.

Those who listen, remain coachable and are willing to take aligned action toward the next steps - will quickly move forward toward their desired results.

The Third Cornerstone

The THIRD CORNERSTONE is a global, online virtual community of Extraordinary Women Entrepreneurs who are equally committed to reaching, exceeding and celebrating the accomplishment of their life and business goals.

Our philosophy is that we celebrate ALL wins, no matter how big or small; and we celebrate together!

We've created this virtual "Sacred space" to share our journey, our wins, ask questions and show our support for each other.

The Fourth Cornerstone

The FOURTH CORNERSTONE ties it all together to ensure your ultimate support...

Not only will you receive personal mentoring during our weekly calls but you will have the opportunity to get virtually unlimited access to our Client Success Team throughout these 12 weeks. Whenever you need help or want us to review your action assignments, we'll be there for you.

You'll have access to your very own Client Concierge Portal where you can submit a message anytime and get a response within 48 business hours - depending on the level of support you need.

We provide this unprecedented level of support so you can get a quick response and maintain momentum knowing exactly what to do every step of the way. This eliminates all excuses and paves the way for nothing but results!

Tons of Support & Success Resources!!

CEO Mindset
Mastery Sessions

Our bi-weekly Monday Mindset Calls are designed to help you identify and unearth any negative or limiting beliefs, and apply tools to reprogram your your mind so that you can reach your highest potential as 
 a highly profitable expert

Technology & Funnel

Our bi-weekly Tech Tuesday calls is where we provide Hands-on support with all of the pre-made website funnels,
email automation and online technology needed to get your
coaching business into profit. 

Sales Training

The heartbeat of any
profitable business is your ability to generate leads, convert them to clients.
During our bi-weekly
sales calls we will
support you in improving
your sales conversations

Money Mindset & Wealth Consciousness

How we think and feel about money can have a profound effect on our ability to create sustainable profits in our business. Our bi-weekly
Money Mindset calls will support you as you shift your core beliefs to align with Wealth Consciousness

Profit Planning Session & Cash Infusion Challenge

A mentor once told me that
a business with no money
is just an expensive hobby,
so every month, we get intentional about mapping
out the money to create greater profits.

Guest Expert
Trainings / Interviews

We welcome world-class experts for guest interviews and exclusive trainings designed to support you in reaching your next level of success.

Get Sh!t Done
Co-working  Sessions

Join other members as we gather in our virtual
co-working space and work together to implement and build the deliverables
for our businesses. 

Online Personal Success
Resource Library

Our Self-Mastery Library is filled with hours of personal development trainings, Printable Handouts & Self-paced Action Assignments, so you can take meaningful
steps towards achieving your personal success goals 

Private, Online

Connect, chat, share your wins, ask for help, celebrate and be celebrated in our interactive, private Facebook community. 

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions:

Who Should Enroll in This Membership?

This Membership Is For You If...

This program is perfect for those who have:

been offering coaching for NO LESS THAN 2 years but haven't yet achieved the financial success you desire
Are clear about their niche and your ideal client 
Are clear about the #1 problem you help your ideal clients to resolve 
A clear understanding that selling is a form of service
Are willing to challenge your current limiting beliefs
Are willing to breakout of your current comfort zone
A unwavering commitment to doing the INNER work in order to get the OUTER results that transform your life and your business

This Membership Is NOT For You If...

This program is NOT for those who are:

Have less than 2 years coaching experience
Are unclear about your niche and your ideal client
Are unclear about the #1 problem you help your ideal client to resolve
You have a strong resistance to sales conversations
Are unwilling to shift your mindset and try new ideas
Are unwilling to upgrade your business model and technology
Are unwilling to do the INNER work (personal development & mindset) in order to get the OUTER results

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

When Does The Program Officially Launch?

Our first official LIVE training takes place at 10 AM Pacific / 12 Central / 1 PM Eastern
on Thursday, February 9, 2023

What Day & Time Are the LIVE Calls?

The LIVE 90-minute calls take place on
Thursdays at 10 PM PST / 1 PM EST
(teaching for up to 60 minutes,
followed by Q & A).

Call Dates:
February 9 | February 16
February 23 | March 2

March 9 | March 16

What if I Am Unable to Join All LIVE Calls?

You will receive recordings of each of the calls but
I always suggest joining each of the calls live.

What is Your Refund Policy?

When you commit to enrolling - you MUST do the work to create the success you
desire, deserve and are capable of. The Highly Profitable Coach academy is ONLY
for Those Who Are 100% Ready to Make an Empowered Decision. We Urge you to thoroughly
review your decision and completely commit to your own success before joining
any of our programs - and we commit to supporting your all the way. 

We Do NOT Give Refunds For ANY Reason!

As such, We have a No Refund Policy for a reason. We are more interested in commitment.
So it’s either a “Hell Yes. Or Hell No”. If you’re in, you’re in. If not, please don’t sign up.

More From Our Clients...

Meet Dr. Frantonia Pollins?

For more than 22 years, entrepreneurial leader, transformational coach, speaker, and trusted advisor, Dr. Frantonia Pollins has had one big mission: to empower 1,000,000 women worldwide to conquer their fears about money and wealth; inspire them to discover their own uniquely Divine and powerful purpose on the planet, and guide them as they create successful businesses that transform the world and leave a multi-generational legacy of wealth.

Through a holistic approach, she calls "The 5M Formula," combining Ancient Spiritual Wisdom, subconscious reprogramming, and time-tested, profit-producing life & business strategies, Dr. Frantonia Pollins’ work with world-class women who are global leaders, change-makers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs and professional service-based business owners, has allowed her to successfully help hundreds of thousands of women from more than 22 countries to master their mindset, monetize their skillset, increase their profits, and live a life of UNAPOLOGETIC success.

We are in the business of helping experienced, world-class women coaches, consultants, and trusted advisors to diversify and monetize their expertise and grow their online practice to 6 figures and beyond so that they can have the freedom to live the life of their dreams.

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