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dr frantonia pollins Presents

the shadow side
of success

 a transformational Private coaching experience
for extraordinary women entrepreneurs

Is Officially OPEN For Applications!

i want to have a candid conversation with Women Entreprenuers...

let's start with a Few Questions?

Are you tired of feeling like you're stuck in a rut and can't seem to break through to the next level of success in your business?
Are you tired of feeling like you're not good enough and that you don't deserve to have the success, wealth and pleasure you desire?
Are patterns of self-doubt and imposter syndrome causing you to constantly question your abilities; holding you back from reaching your full potential?
Do you feel like you're hitting an income ceiling and can't seem to attract the clients and contracts that will help you earn your next 6 or 7 figures?

if you answered YES to any of these questions,
KEEP READING, because you are NOT alone...

can we get real for a moment?

I speak to women entrepreneurs every day who share that, more and more, they are feeling stuck, lost and unfulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

As high-achieving, women entrepreneurs, who've always done our best to navigate the inner conflicts and self-doubts that often come with the high demands of running successful businesses, riding the massive wave of global changes of the last few years have left many of us in states of hyper-stimulation, overwhelm and burnout.

It can feel like old wounds and traumas are rising to the surface, and you're repeating the same unhealthy patterns, struggling with internal conflicts, uncomfortable emotions, anxiety, and stress.

Left unresolved, these feelings can hold us back from fully stepping into our power and creating the life and business we desire.

As a powerful woman, you're ready to get to the bottom of things, to take a deep dive into your inner landscape and figure out what's really going on. You've been in therapy, but you still feel like there's something hidden deep inside that you just can't quite grasp.

I understand how you feel because, like many women at some point in their lives, I have struggled with many of these very same feelings, doubts, and questions.

I spent years feeling like a fraud, hiding my inner turmoil
and struggles behind a Carefully Crafted Mask of success

My story is one of triumph over adversity, and it's a journey that I know many of you can relate to. I was a successful corporate leader, happily engaged to the love of my life, and a single mom to a beautiful daughter. But, when a devastating medical misdiagnosis sent my whole life into a tailspin, I felt lost, angry, and questioning everything I thought I knew about life, business, and myself.

I spent years feeling like a fraud, hiding my inner turmoil and struggles behind a facade of success. But, I soon realized that the only way to improve my external situation was to heal the internal wounds and trauma from my past.

Here's the thing, it wasn't until I came into the awareness that all of the feelings I've just described (and that you are experiencing) are just symptoms of deeper issues that are rooted in our unconscious - commonly known as The Shadow...

understanding The Shadow

We all have a shadow, a part of ourselves that we cannot see. This unconscious part holds the key to all the challenges you are currently facing in your life and relationships. Shadow work is a unique process that helps you to uncover and understand the hidden parts of yourself that have been suppressed and repressed.

Our Shadow contains:

The threads and memories of the wounding, trauma, and conditioning we have experienced and the unconscious patterns, beliefs, and behaviors we created as a result.
All of the emotions we suppressed and repressed at the point of trauma as they were too big and overwhelming to understand and integrate, plus all the emotions that trigger repetitive internal conflict on a day-to-day basis.
And finally, our shadow holds our true and authentic nature, gifts, strengths, and talents, as well as our hidden power and potential that we became separated from as a result of the wounding, trauma, and conditioning we were exposed to.

This work changed my life and helped me to learn that true healing starts from within, and that I had the power to change my life. I started working on myself, diving deep into my inner landscape and uncovering the limiting beliefs and patterns that were holding me back. It was a hard and painful journey, but it was worth every step. I learned how to connect with my intuition, access my inner wisdom, and tap into my own power to create the life and business I desired. 

And you know what, it worked! I climbed out of that dark place and into a life of abundance, joy and success. 

For the last 23+ years I've been guiding high-achieving women from all over the world through their own transformational healing journey and now I want to share that same journey with you.

The Shadow Side
Of Success...

A Transformational Coaching Experience For Extraordinary Women Entrepreneurs.

TS3 is a comprehensive and bespoke prescription of spiritual counseling woven with ancient wisdom teachings, business strategy, leadership development, and sacred self-care rituals that take you beyond just ruminating to understand the past; but by helping you to release outdated programs and patterns that no longer serve you, we replace them with a renewed self-concept to usher in an empowered way of co-creating a future filled with the success, wealth, and pleasure that you deeply desire.

This program is designed specifically for high-achieving women entrepreneurs, but it is open to all women who are ready to take a deeper dive into their own inner landscape. Whether you are a business owner, a professional, or just someone looking to improve your personal and professional life, this program is for you. 

Each aspect of the process will build upon the last, helping you to strip back the existing layers of your current, limited conditioning and build and reinforce a strong inner foundation to activate and sustain your personal power and potential in a way that moves you from a routine of self-doubt and burnout into a sustainable rhythm of perpetual expansion.

By working with a unique Shadow Work Process, we will co-create a Sacred container to help you reveal these hidden roots, understand the patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are blocking our growth, rebuild trust in your emotional, somatic, and transpersonal intelligence. so that you will be able to shift them to align with your true and authentic nature, gifts, strengths, and talents.

As your mentor, coach, and trusted advisor, I will be with you every step of the way, providing guidance, support, and accountability. I will be your sounding board, your cheerleader, and your guide as you navigate through this transformational journey. 

Together, we will unravel the disempowering threads of your conditioning, learning from and integrating past wounds and traumas to transform your deepest patterns and reveal your authentic self as an extraordinary woman.

money matters...

in The Shadow Side of Success we will also focus on healing your relationship with money

Many of us have unconscious patterns and beliefs around money that can hold us back from achieving financial success. We may struggle with feelings of scarcity, guilt, or shame when it comes to money, or have a hard time receiving and holding on to it.

Through the program, you will learn how to identify and release limiting beliefs and patterns around money that have been holding you back. You will learn how to tap into your own power to create financial abundance and success. You will gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with money and develop a new mindset towards wealth and prosperity.

Wealth Creation

We will work on developing a healthy relationship with money, one that is based on abundance, gratitude, and self-worth. You will learn how to set financial goals that align with your values and purpose, and develop a plan to achieve them. You will learn how to use the laws of attraction to manifest financial success and abundance.

Financial Expansion

You will acquire and implement the tools and techniques required to create a sustainable rhythm of perpetual financial expansion in your life. You will have a deeper sense of inner confidence and peace when it comes to your relationship with money and will be able to attract and hold on to it with ease.

The Shadow Side of Success program is an opportunity for you to not only transform your inner conflicts, imposter syndrome, and unhealthy patterns of self-sabotage but also your relationship with money. 

Sign up now and let’s work together to create a life of abundance, success, and prosperity.

During the tS3 experience we will work together to...

Release the ghosts from your past by healing and integrating unresolved wounding, trauma, and conditioning, so you can relate with yourself and others from a place of deeper awareness and understanding.
Break down internal conflict that leads to overthinking, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome, leaving you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and disconnected by exploring and integrating unresolved wounding, trauma, and conditioning to awaken and nurture the deep connection to your inner Divine Guidance.
Expand our self-concept to establish and cultivate a healthy relationship with creating, receiving and experiencing success, wealth, and pleasure in all forms without guilt, judgement or shame
Work with the five key Shadow Work tools — Triggers, Projection, Polarities, Mirrors, Manifestation - to help you transform your conditioned perspective and develop an acute understanding of the power of interrelationship.
Rebuild a healthy relationship with trust, loving-limits (aka boundaries), and control by engaging your innate ability to reconnect with the foundation/root of your personal power and find your inner sense of safety, stability, grounding, and security.
Access and heal suppressed emotions that keep you reacting in repetitive and unhealthy patterns by learning how to listen to the wisdom of your body. This will help you experience the hidden side of your emotional intelligence as a source of power and potential.

by the end of the program...

By the end of the program, you will have experienced such profound inner transformation that your personal and professional lives will harmoniously align, bringing you a deeper sense of inner confidence, self-awareness, inner peace, and a renewed sense of purpose. You will be able to lead, love, prosper, and relate with a deeper sense of power, clarity, confidence, and connection within yourself.

So, are you ready to take the leap and transform your life and relationships?

Sign up now and let me support you in transforming your life, business, and relationships through the power of Shadow Work.

Applications Are Officially OPEN!

The shadow side of success is a sacred experience
for Women Entrepreneurs that Will Transform Your life.

Secure your reservation in this comprehensive and bespoke prescription of spiritual counseling woven with ancient wisdom teachings, business strategy, leadership development, and sacred self-care rituals designed to help extraordinary women entrepreneurs to co-create a future overflowing with the success, wealth, and pleasure that you deeply desire.

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