Too many of us allow negative experiences from our past to become the controlling compass of the Divine Destination of our future.

We have unconsciously yet carefully & painstakingly constructed a “mental prison” of emotions, erroneous beliefs & reactionary behaviors, designed to defend our current false illusion of a so-called “Comfort Zone.”

We say with our mouth that we want love, wealth, health, success & happiness but by holding on to the pain in our MIND, we reject the process of transformation that is necessary in order to PRE-pare ourselves for the receipt of the desire in our heart/soul.

The UN-mutable Laws of the Universe DO NOT discriminate,
they simply respond to the deepest belief held in heart/soul of a man/woman. Not only is it “as a man thinketh
in his heart, so is he; but so shall he receive. The problem is that unconsciously, our confusion creates
the very situation(s) we most fear and say that we least desire.

Holy Scripture says: “A double minded man/woman is unstable in ALL he/she does
and therefore should not think that he/she will receive anything from the Lord (Law)”.

When was the last time you to asked the Most High for a blessing only to reject it because
the lens through which you have chosen to view life continuously prevents you from
re-COGNIZING the very thing YOU asked for?

Know this, until you choose to GO THROUGH the TRANSFORMATION PROCESS,
you will continue to CREATE confusion, stress, frustration & INSTABILITY in your life & affairs.

© 2012 Frantonia Pollins International
Where is fear showing up in your life? What are you REALLY afraid of?
What tools or practices do you use to move through your fear?
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