I know that this is not my normal early morning blog post but I AM feeling super inspired (more about that in a minute) and a bit emotional!!

At the end of a long day that started with me taking my mom to the doctor for a minor surgery to remove the cataract from her left eye, I’m sitting here reflecting on the last two coaching sessions I had today and I must say that I AM literally moved to tears.

I love the work that I do and feel so very honored when someone who has reached a point in their lives where their soul-deep desire to be, do and have MORE simply won’t let them rest – whether it’s love; starting or growing a business; healing a deep, unresolved wound that is blocking their blessing or learning to tap into their erotic pleasure and have a better sex life – and they CHOOSE me to guide them through the sometimes scary journey to the other side of their PHENOMENAL life.

After completing today’s sessions, I began to think about the fact that we are only 62 days away fromdon't throw in the towel 2014; another new year and how there are so many people who have just thrown in the towel and abandoned the goals and dreams that they so joyously set for themselves at the beginning of 2013.

It was in that moment that I decided to do a repeat of my $10,000 COACHING GIVEAWAY by offering scholarships to 10 women for an opportunity to receive top level, VIP coaching with me for a RIDICULOUSLY reduced investment.

BEFORE YOU REPLY, let me be clear about a few things:

1) I give top notch service; the absolute best therefore, my prices are NOT CHEAP so if you are awarded a scholarship be prepared to put some “skin in the game” and make the small investment for the enrollment fee.

2) I AM a coach NOT a cheerleader!! That means that I don’t sugar-coat BS; if I see it, I call it so that we can work together to resolve it!!

3) I AM NOT goal oriented, I AM RESULTS oriented and my coaching style is one that focuses on getting results – or as I like to call them “Brilliant Breakthroughs” and no matter how big or small, we CELEBRATE every single one them.

If you are SERIOUSLY interested in being one of the 10 women then APPLY HERE by MIDNIGHT (PST) on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5 for your chance to receive a scholarship.

I’ll see you on the other side of success.