I just realized that there are EXACTLY 100 days until my 46th Birthday. WOW!! Where does the time go? I can remember, like it was yesterday, turning 21, then 25 and 30. Then 35 snuck up on me and 40 was a West coast whirlwind. 45 was quiet and reflective. 

So this year, I’ve decided that I will do something EVERYDAY that BLOWS THE LID off of my existing comfort zone and consistently do more of the things that bring me UNRESTRICTED joy!! 

I will ask for EXACTLY what I want, EXACTLY how I want it.
I will put in double the work to build the business, lifestyle and success that I want.
I will actively seek the connections and contacts that I need to manifest my wildest dreams.
I will take several spontaneous road trips.
I will sleep naked under the stars in my stilettos (you call it camping, I call it “Glamping”)

I will reveal a “cyber crush”…. or 2… or 12.
I will flirt with a handsome, single stranger.
I will dance with a stranger.
I will publicly serenade a handsome man
I will fall madly, totally & deeply in love and savor it for how ever long it lasts.
I will have delicious moments of sensual pleasure.
I will eat too much chocolate cake.
I will eat way too much Blue Bell & Haggen-Daz ice cream.
I will buy sexy lingerie. (I might even wear them…LOL)
I will skinny dip…in the day light. 

I will have at least one TWO mind blowing orgasms every day – FOR LIFE!! (Insert sexy laugh)
I will take a pole dancing class.
I will take a Latin dance class.
I will embrace my vulnerability.
I will tell my friends, family and loved ones that I love them every chance I get. 

I will ask for forgiveness from someone I’ve wronged.
I will tell someone that there actions harmed me deeply.
I will say Thank You to those whose lessons may have stung but served me none the less.
I will ride a roller-coaster.
I will do my part to mend a significant but broken relationship.
I will throw the BIGGEST, most FRANTASTIC Birthday party ever!!

…..and that’s just the beginning.

How will YOU break free of your comfort zone?