I have a confession to make – This journey of personal development and Spiritual Transformation is not always easy. I’m lying, it’s NEVER easy but it is one that I have chosen to make my #1 PRIORITY, even when it drops me to my knees with the pain of discernment and introspection.

So often we plod along through life not realizing that although we exist, we are not truly LIVING this thing to the fullest; we are not really FEELING this thing to the fullest. Somewhere along the way, in an effort to avoid the pain that often accompanies a well lived life, we’ve severed tiny parts of ourselves, or we’ve sacrificed ourselves, allowing others to devour our most delicious morsels for their own enjoyment; leaving a trail of broken pieces strewn hither and there, and us, nothing more than fragmented shells of the magnificence that we were intended to be. 

Even after 15+ years on this INTENTIONAL path of self discovery, personal development and spiritual healing, at times I still find it difficult but not impossible to look deeply enough within to see the hairline fractures that still exist, and embrace the fact that as long as I AM inhaling and exhaling, this journey to healing NEVER ends. Within each new opportunity, experience, encounter, love and loss, lies the seed of a brand new lesson; all of which begin, AT the beginning and require us, once again, to take that very first frightening step on the journey to wholeness & healing. 

In all transparency, today has proven to be a POWERFUL day of revelation, release, resolution and redemption for me, because today, I, with knees shaking and tears streaming, once again chose to take that frightening first step, and I FOUND MYSELF, standing at the top of an emotional juncture where I made the critical decision to call back the tiny, almost invisible little pieces of my heart that a lifetime of unfulfilling relationships had left broken.

I recognized the value in the price that I had already paid and chose to redeem the fragments of my soul that had been shattered by life’s unexpected curve balls.

I diligently gathered up all the severed pieces of myself and restored the trust that had been stolen away from me by those who swore to love and protect me.

I deliberately “peeled back the pretty” and revealed a gut-wrenching level of truth and Darkness about myself that both frightened and excited me to embrace.

I swallowed my pride and resolved conflicts, both external and internal, that have stood guard, blocking the entrance to my deepest desires.

I released myself from the emotional prison of the projected restrictions and limited paradigms of others who have held court in judgment of my primal urges. 

Today, I met myself, AS my Self…..and I loved her, WITHOUT question, flaws and all.

NOW,  I invite you to do the same. 




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