FIRST LADY WISDOM: Honoring the GENIUS known as Prince

The world has lost another icon. As we mourn the untimely death of Prince Rogers Nelson – Prince, I took a moment to reflect on the impact that he and his music had on me throughout his almost 40 year career.

Prince was a trailblazing, hard working artist who was dedicated and disciplined enough to master every aspect of his craft.

A boundary and gender bending ICON who allowed no on to put him into any box.

Prince transcended the rules, thus creating a magnetic force that built a loyal tribe of fans who were all deeply touched by his fearlessness, as we all marveled at the way that he operated in his GENIUS.

Today I ask, are you operating in your genius?


Prince purple rain umbrella


Prince - Dearly Beloved


Prince symbol



Prince in Cobalt Blue



prince-holding his world


Prince with Shag

Prince Kiss cover


Prince I wanna be your lover

Prince Dirty Mind Album cover