A Tuesday Moment of Transparency and a Powerful Revelation
I know you haven't heard from me in awhile and I wanted to come clean about why. 

A little over a month ago, after navigating my own way to Urgent Care, I found myself being rushed to the ER with chest pain, a level 10 migraine, and vomiting. The pain was so severe, I was literally doubled over and barely able to walk. With every breathe I took, the pain seemed to increase. It felt like someone had parked a bus full of people on my chest.

I thought I was having a heart attack.

At both Urgent Care and the ER, the doctors ran all of the standard tests - everything came back "normal."

A few days later, I got an emergency appt to see my PCP who ran more standard tests and sent me for a good old fashioned treadmill stress test.

Again, according to their tests, everything came back "normal."

But I KNOW that the body doesn't lie.

This physical pain was simply an out-picturing of so much of what I had been carrying inside. The physical pain was filled with messages for me. Messages for my students, clients, and mentees; many of whom had no idea that any of this was happening, but listened to their intuition as they felt and answered an internal urge/pull to reach out to me via email and DM (I AM deeply grateful to you all).

So many powerful, soul-shifting messages are still downloading and processing, in my mind, body, Spirit and business.

I'll be back to share more with you about these messages on tomorrow.

Thank you for all of your continued love and support.

To Your UNAPOLOGETIC Success!!