Thank you for being a safe space to share my story. 

I have received so many amazing responses as you all have showered me with love and reflection, letting me know that what I am sharing resonates with you - please know that I appreciate you, and as I always say – I love you to LIFE, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it!

I also want to thank you for your grace as I navigated the powerful energies of this recent 8/8 Lionsgate portal, the Leo New Moon, and my 53rd Solar Return (Birthday).

During the week of August 15th, I chose to invest my time and energy in deep prayer, meditation, healing bodywork, and Spiritual retreat with a Shaman.

In my last post, I promised to share details about some of the soul-shifting messages that I've been receiving and how I am integrating them into my life - FIRST! And, how they are being implemented in my business to benefit my service to the world via my students, clients, and mentees.

Although this sounds like an easy, common sense thing to do, The chemical imbalance in my body had created massive disruptions in my circadian rhythm and sleep patterns. I had developed chronic insomnia and at one point, for 8 days straight, my body simply would not sleep.

I submitted myself to an array of MDs, bio-hacking specialists, naturopaths, Shamans, Priestesses, and Healers who ran tests, and read my body to discover the imbalances, and prescribe both modern treatments and ancient rituals that are restoring and harmonizing my physical, emotional, and energetic body.

In my lifetime, I'd cultivated many long-term connections; many that had once been instrumental in helping me to become the person that I am today. And at the same time, some of those connections had become attachments that had long ceased being positive, reciprocal, and productive. The energy had become stuck, static, and obligatory.

Over the last 20 months, I've spent substantial time reassessing and releasing - Beliefs, ideas, rules, social conditioning, business structures, relationships, and multi-generational agreement that obligated me to physically, mentally, financially, or emotionally give myself to anything which does not serve my highest vision for myself.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that as of this past July, I've been a Certified Holistic Life coach for 21 years. In that 21 years, I have had the pleasure of teaching, guiding, coaching, and mentoring tens of thousands of women, from more than 22 countries, through varying aspects of their journey of healing, personal development, and service-based business building. I am honored to continue this work and look forward to the next 21+ years.

Although I've been quiet in your emails and on social media over this last year, I've been busy in service to the members of "The Self-Defined Woman" group coaching experience, the "Mystical Success Secrets Book Study" group, and helping my private coaching, other powerful coaches, healers and professional service providers, to grow and scale their businesses.

Additionally, I've been creating lots of easily accessible digital product offerings which will allow more women to receive and participate in my work.

In the coming weeks, there will be several changes, updates, and additions to the Frantonia Pollins International brand, as my team and I implement my redefined offerings in a way that is better aligned with my evolving goals.

BTW - I've got a few more, really powerful lesson that I'll share with you, in my next post.

Until then, please accept my Mini Affirmation Journal " I Release Everything That Fails to Serve My Greatest Good." as a Free Gift to help you on your healing journey.

To Your UNAPOLOGETIC Success!!