In my last post, I shared how I had ignorantly bought into all of the conscious and subconscious programming that led to my attunement with years of high stress, survival-based, self-sacrificing behaviors that ultimately put me in a huge deficit, and qualified me for a first-class seat on the fast train to energetic and elemental bankruptcy.

brain fog,
memory loss,
sudden and significant weight gain,
unexplained tingling in my head,
and a complete loss of sexual desire.

My body was tired and in a chronic state of fatigue and exhaustion.

At the same time that my body was in chronic exhaustion, I experienced an extreme form of insomnia that, at it’s worst point, had me awake for 8 days straight.

No sleep for 8 days straight had me feeling like I was losing my mind.

What in the entire Fck was happening?

My daily prayer was simply – “HELP!”?

I won’t bore you with the litany of doctors, tests, studies, nutritionists, and practitioners most of whom seemed to be confounded by the cocktail of symptoms that my body was presenting.

Needless to say, this simply added to the stress and exacerbated ALL of my symptoms, making it quite challenging for me to continue the schedule of energetic output that had become the flow of my life and business.

Something had to change, and it had to change – STAT!!?

During the gratitude portion of my 2019 year-end / 2020 new year strategic planning intensive, I gave thanks for having done the work to build a very successful and profitable online coaching, consulting, and speaking business and I realized that my life and business needed a reset.

So I made plans to spend Q2-Q4 2020 traveling the world as a digital nomad. Greece, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Qatar, Dubai, Bali, Tulum. Wherever my heart desired; my plans were to take this show on the road and experience the glorious beauty of the world.

Enter COVID-19 (and Murphy’s MF Law)?

Well, I did say I needed a reset and the Universe sent me (and the rest of the world) a whole entire RESET!!

What’s better than a global pandemic and worldwide quarantine as a helluva way to usher in a self-confronting reset. I now had plenty of uninterrupted time and space to be WITH myself.

I had time to re-examine my patterns of thought, behavior, energy, and emotions. I studied my unconscious, habitual relationship to seductive forms of stress, work, specific relationships, duties, roles/responsibilities, and food (esp. sugar & carbs).

In the quiet of quarantine, I listened to the messages that my body had long been delivering to me.

A Frightening Wakeup Call…..?

The Emergency Room episode, where I thought I was having a heart attack was a frightening wake-up call that I could not ignore. In the quiet of quarantine, I was placed into a silence that forced me to listen to the messages that my body had long been delivering to me.?


In my next email, I’ll tell you how I am integrating these soul-shifting messages into my life – FIRST! And, how they are being implemented in my business to benefit my service to the world via my students, clients, and mentees.

To Your UNAPOLOGETIC Success!!