tears-of-joy3PEELING BACK THE PRETTY: As my 45th birthday approaches, I AM overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions – most of all joy. You see, there was a time when the tragedies in my life overwhelmed me with such intense grief that quite frankly I just didn’t want to be here. The journey back to me; to the soul-deep, extreme self-love that so many misunderstand and refuse to experience for themselves, not only saved my life, but it revealed my purpose.

Now, birthdays for me are about so much more than just being a year older, they are about truly celebrating, in all of its many peculiar forms with all of its twists and turns, this amazing, beautiful and miraculous gift called life.

So if you happen to see me crying on my birthday, just hand me a Kleenex, give me a hug (and not one of those “church lady” hugs with your butt stuck way out either; give me 2 bears hugone of those “scoop you up in my bosom” hugs like your Granny used to give you) and ask me to dance – ‘cause ya’ll know that I LOVE to dance.