Even when your situation (job, relationship, health, finance, sex life, business) becomes unbearably UNcomfortable, it is human nature to seek to remain “comfortable” – at ANY cost. In my coaching practice, this phenomena often shows up right after a client experiences a HUGE breakthrough, victory or success; this ‘fight or flight’ instinct shows up because the old habits are dying away and fear of something new and unknown (success) threatens to ‘protect’ you. Please know that it takes courage to grow beyond the rules, restrictions and limitations of your current comfort zone; this is just ONE of the many reasons that it is CRITICAL to have the support and guidance of a professional coach/mentor who will lock arms with you as your guide and walk you through the scary and unfamiliar new places on the journey toward your dreams.

Here’s the question: Do you have the courage to embrace your own dreams? If your answer is yes, then I’d like to invite you to click here to  join me for a complimentary Success Strategy session and begin your journey to success