FIRST LADY MOMENT OF TRANSPARENCY: I’m sitting here on a brisk Monday morning in December, marveling at absolutely nothing….. And I must admit that I AM beyond overjoyed!!


Let me explain, Like Dorothy in the land of Oz, I’ve spent the last decade of my life in the space of the personal development industry. As a coach I’ve seen behind the curtain of this multi-billion dollar industry (both the clients and the coaches) and let me tell you, it is a MESS!! (If you are a coach, close your mouth because I’m just getting started)

I’ve seen AND paid for it all, from unqualified business coaches who have no problem fleecing unsuspecting dreamers out of their money while feeding them the regurgitated “build a 6-7 figure business in an instant” pipe dream; to untrained Bible quoting “coach-ministers” (some strange new hybrid, go figure) who are so deeply wounded that they use unsuspecting clients as screens for projecting their own unresolved crap, all the while justifying it by openly stating that old tired and worn out cliché that “we teach what we most need to learn.”

Then there is the client side; way too many details to share but just know that after being deeply disrespected, emotionally battered and collectively chastised by way too many of the very women (both contracted and perspective coaching clients) who claimed that they wanted to create strategies to grow, evolve and heal every area of their lives, YET they refused to “peel back the pretty”, TELL THE TRUTH & DO THE WORK. Instead, far too many would rather “pretty it up.” As long as they can be dressed to the nines on trips they can’t afford; not have to tell the world that they are single because they are relationships that dishonor them but to them that’s better than being single and continue to complain while sitting on the sidelines secretly sending passive-aggressive inbox messages to those on the frontline for REAL, transparent change.

I finally said ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!

I made the conscious decision to invest the last few months reflecting, reviewing, purging and releasing because as much as I LOVE the idea of helping women to heal & transform their lives and as much as I KNOW (from my own personal experience) that this journey is NOT easy and can be very painful and as much as I know that many of the women who come to me are in hurting deeply; yes, I am familiar with the saying, “hurting people hurt people”; I also stand firm in my ULTIMATE non-negotiable belief that no one has the right to abuse me. 

So, with the assistance of my BRILLIANT, no BS business coach Richelle Shaw, I took a few giant steps back so that I could gain a greater perspective of how to diversify the use of my own gifts, talents and abilities. I spent some time reassessing what it is that I TRULY desire in my life at this time as a 45 year young, single woman with the freedom to do WHATEVER I desire. I also asked myself how it is that I TRULY desire to serve the world and humanity.  And I began the process of clearing away EVERYTHING that was not in alignment with my vision. That meant that I had to release clients, friends, family members, associates, memberships, conversations, personal habits, phone numbers, old text messages, habits, clothing, hobbies, beliefs and attachments.

Where am I now?

Now I am reforming and restructuring my business model from the space that says, “I only have one life to live and I’ll be damned if it is not a mind blowing, world changing, globally healing, multi-orgasmic experience!!” 

Are you still going to do transformational coaching?

Yes, I will continue to serve those who TRULY desire to create REAL, SUSTAINABLE transformation in their lives BUT there will be MAJOR changes in whom & how I serve. (I will share more about the details in future posts; just know that MEMBERSHIP has it’s privileges 😉 ).

What about partnerships and collaborations with others?

Yes, I will continue to seek partnerships and collaborative opportunities with those who are COMMITTED to the WORK. Please know that no longer will I waste my time, energy or money entertaining those who have chosen to straddle the fence, having one foot in purpose and the other in politics, while they watch the world suffer from a penthouse view.

Like Dr. Christine Northrup I, too, AM UNAPOLOGETICALLY declaring “to hell with self-censorship!” “I only have one life to live and I’ll be damned if it is not a mind blowing, world changing, globally healing, multi-orgasmic experience!!” 

CensorshipI AM moving full speed, head first into the TOTALITY of my authentic self, and I don’t really give a damn about those who might complain because the fact of the matter is just like they freely chose to walk into this Spiritually Spicy” experience of Frantonia, they can freely choose to walk OUT. 

In the meantime, I AM enjoying the BEAUTY of the Blank Canvas that I’ve consciously created and I revel in the fact that there is POWER in knowing when to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!

Stay tuned!!

And if you are one of those who happen to like “Spiritually Spicy” then stay tuned because you do NOT want to miss the unveiling of my Masterpiece. 

In the meantime, take a page from my book and spend some time doing a THOROUGH assessment of your own life. You just mind find yourself marveling at the beauty of your very own “blank canvas.”