So the other day when I was in the airport people watching, I saw the single most epically beautiful and soul stirring reunion between a man and a woman EVER witnessed. 

No, it wasn’t one of those fairy tale moments where violins began to play as the two saw each other from afar and did one of those airy fairy, slow motion run-trot-skip type thingies and twirled around in each others arms.

No, this was not wimpy. This was SOLID, sure and sturdy.

She deplaned and began heading toward baggage claim.

He was determined and unapologetically unwilling to wait at passenger pick-up.

Just as the walkway began to bend toward Starbucks; an unexpected magnetism erupted.

Bags flung to the floor.

Eyes locked in soul-deep recognition.

Arms intertwine in a silent, prolonged embrace.

She was safe.

He was secure; 

and in this empty, crowded place,

no one else existed.

In that moment, like a trigger pulled by a familiar fragrance,

I remembered

and my soul began to weep.

Yes, the Sacred Masculine exists

and it is high time for a reunion

© 2013 Frantonia Pollins