Earlier I shared a moment of transparency to share with you the journey that I've been on – first let me say thanks so much for the hundreds of you that reached out with kind words, prayers and support.....I truly appreciate you!

I left off telling you all that the physical pain that my body was experiencing, was filled with messages for me, my students, clients, and mentees.

I'll get to the messages soon, but in several of your responses to my previous message, many of you asked what did I mean by "the physical pain was simply an out-picturing of so much of what I had been carrying inside?"

​Let me explain...​

My students, clients, and mentees know that in my "Take Back Your Life: A Transformational Life Coaching Experience", I teach them to live the principle of the "Priority Position;" this is where you unapologetically make yourself the number one priority in your life, so that when you show up in service to others, you are not doing so from a depleted place, and that you make the commitment to yourself that you will only serve others from your overflow.

Like the instructions we get when we're on an airplane, to secure our masks first before helping others, this seems like a simple, common sense way of moving through life. Yet, in the early years of my womanhood, it is a concept that was absolutely unknown to me.

I wish I had known about the "Priority Position" when I was a young, single mother in the throws of every struggle one could imagine.

I wish I had known about the "Priority Position" when I experienced a catastrophic medical misdiagnosis that through me into a devastating "dark night of the soul / Saturn return that destroyed my world as I knew it and required me to rebuild myself from nothing.

I wish I had known about the "Priority Position" when "The Great Recession" of 2008 left me homeless, and starting over.

I wish I had known about the "Priority Position" when, at 40, I found myself back in a corporate job that was an abusive cesspool of toxicity, racism and high stress.

Back then, I had no concept of what it meant to put myself first; I simply followed the script that so many of us have been given when we are being taught how to survive. I learned to live from struggle to struggle, catastrophe to catastrophe. I put my head down, my heart aside, I numbed my emotional pain, ignored the subtle signals that my body would send, and time and time again, I pushed through. I was proud to follow the script and fully embody the "Strong Black Woman," and they were eager to let me. 

​Back then, I found my value in self-sacrifice to wants and needs of others. Even when I was broken and depressed, my child, parents, siblings, partner, employees and friends were all depending on me to be something and someone that they needed. I had no time to slow down and I damned sure didn't have time to feel.

Back then, I had no idea that one day the energetic debits would outweigh the credits and my body would eventually pay a very high price!

​Today, as a Shadow worker, I now know that although I eventually learned, developed and implemented the non-negotiable practice of owning my "Priority Position," I was already in energetic overdraft and that debt must still be paid. In most cases, like mine, the energetic "debt collectors" come for the body, the vessel that holds the life-force. This is Universal Law, and ignorance of the Law excuses no one.


I'll share more with you on tomorrow, and tell you about the soul-shifting messages that I have been downloading and processing, in my mind, body, Spirit and business.