I recorded this message last Monday morning. Unscripted. I just went with my Divine guidance to share something that has been brewing inside of me for quite a while.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything deeply personal with you all on my email list. Over the last few months, haven’t really been active on social media; I haven’t been active in my email list. If you’re on my list, of course, you’re receiving my Testimonial Tuesday emails and my Mindset Mastery Club or New Thought Thursday emails, but those are prescheduled, so you haven’t really received anything from me lately that’s been created “in the moment.”

Over the last few months, I have been in deep spiritual work – on myself and within myself, I have been submitting myself to work with a Shamanic healer. I have reentered a relationship with a spiritual mentor, and in addition to that, of course, I continue to work with my coaches, my business coaches, my sales coach, my mindset coach. So, I have a team of people that support me in the creation of both my life, and of course, my business, and I would be remiss if I did not mention that I also have a team of doctors and naturopaths who are working with me to recreate optimal health in my body. And as I’ve been on this journey, IN this journey, several things have, shifted for me. Several things have been activated or reactivated in me, and several things have been put to rest.

Anyone who is on their own personal development, spiritual healing journey knows that when you grow and expand the way you see things, the way you experience things. When you heal a thing that had once controlled you. When you make a Divine decision to move into the next, more expanded iteration of yourself, that you can’t go back, you can’t go back when you are committed to your growth. When you are committed to your work, you can’t go back. You know that it costs you too much to go back.

And so, as I am on this journey of growth, it came to my conscious awareness that this July for me will be 22 years since I got my very first coaching certification, and I am so grateful. When I began my journey of personal development and spiritual healing it was because I was deeply, deeply, deeply in pain. I was attempting to figure some shit out and get out of my own pain and a lot of my work, my internal work, so even though I got the coaching certification, 22 years ago, I used that, all that I learned, I used it to heal me. I used it to recreate my own life. I used it to examine my own patterns and I continue to do that.

At some point, I recognized that in every iteration of work that I was doing in the world, that I found myself in service to women. It did not matter what it was that my job title was, I found myself coaching women. I found myself guiding women. I found myself helping women to heal and to reclaim aspects of themselves that their life experiences and their social conditioning and their ancestral wounds had robbed them up.

And so, I found myself working to help women move away from their pain, and oftentimes doing that work, I don’t want to say oftentimes, 99% of the time that I am doing that work, it becomes very heavy. It becomes often painful for the person that I am coaching because the requirement for healing is to be healed. The requirement for healing is to be healed. To examine the wound and do all that is necessary to heal. And what most folks don’t understand is that the process of healing can also be painful.

The closest thing that I can relate it to would be someone who is a burn victim, someone with severe burns and the, and the burn itself, the flame that, burned you right, or the victim, itself was painful. But the process of debriding, the process of scraping away the tissue so that new cells can emerge and help to regenerate and heal is also painful. And that is the analogy that I utilize often with my clients, as I am explaining to them, as we walk through the process of their healing and personal transformation.

Whether it is healing, the wound of a relationship, a mother wound, or it is healing the wound of abandonment, or whether it is with my business clients. One of the big wounds that I work with them to heal is their money wound, ancestral money wounds, the story, or the trauma that is related to wealth and money; and yes, this is a process that requires healing as well, that often I am helping folks to move away from pain.

I believe that there’s an aspect of my business that will always help people to move away from pain and, what I am acutely aware of is I am on my own journey of expanding, as I am on my own journey of saying yes to the next level of my soul’s evolution, is that I am beyond ready to also help women move toward their highest level of self-expression. I’m ready to help women move toward their deepest desires for themselves, whether that be in life, love, relationship, wealth creation, business development, I am also ready to help you move toward the dream and the vision for your life, that you have been afraid to even admit to yourself that you desire.

Several of the things that I’ve discovered over the last few years, working with some very successful, high visibility women Is that there’s often this connection to the wound that creates community around the wound. And that connection to the wound that has created the community around the wound also adds another layer of fear and resistance to healing, because the healing will ultimately require that you disconnect from the community that is connected around the wound.

I trust that you all are tracking with me when I say that, yes, as much is many seek to heal the collective, the collective is made up of one individual plus one individual plus one individual plus one individual and on and on and on. And that the truth about healing is that each individual must go on their individual journey of healing. And so, as I’ve been on this, this journey, and I go into observation mode around the patterns that have developed in my work, and what I know has been calling to me for several years, my work was to examine my own resistance. My work was to understand how at each new level of growth we must confront the wound that may have been healed on the previous level of growth but shows up in this next level. And so, what I had to confront within myself were some deep wounds around abandonment, abandonment by my own community. Right. And understand that in order for me to step into my next level, in order for me to be on assignment for those to whom I’m here to serve that I had to release and heal from the fear of the illusion of abandonment. Because as I step into my next iteration of myself, the next iteration of my business, those who are also waiting and ready for someone to show up and serve them on that level, will understand and accept this new iteration of my, of work.

So, I said all of that to say that over the last few months, as I said earlier, I haven’t really been present on the front end of my business. When I say the front end, I mean, social media – I haven’t really done many live streams. The emails that most have been receiving have been automated, unless you are in coaching with me, private coaching. I have, you know, consistently showed up for my shown up for my private coaching clients, as well as those who are in group coaching experiences with me, such as, The Self-defined Woman or my, Money Love Me Experience as well as The Unapologetic Success Inner Circle, I’ve been active and present in those consistently and continually, but nothing on the front end.

The time that I had been spending on the front end, publicly visible; I decided to re-source that time and energy into my spiritual healing practice, into my journey of self-examination to ask the Most High, what was my, what is my next, what is, what is my next? And what became very clear to me, are three clear and key areas of focus that I will be shifting my business toward. What became clear to me was that before I create the next thing, as my spiritual mentor has taught me that I must be willing to destroy the existing thing. I want you all to be very clear about what I’m saying, the work that I’ve been doing previously is there and available through courses and digital products and planners and eBooks, audio training. And my team has been working, you know, behind the scenes to get my digital store up and operating, and so somewhere toward the middle of this month, of course we will officially launch the digital store.

The areas of focus that I have been Divinely guided to move toward and to laser focus on are Money Mindset, and more clearly it is helping us to heal the ancestral money wounds so that we give ourselves permission to walk into the wealth of our birthright.

Wealth has been given a really bad reputation, right? But as a metaphysician and a holistic healer, I’m going, going back to the original definition of wealth, which is wellbeing – in all aspects and areas of our lives. You know, in doing some of this research as an African American woman, I did some research on the average network for African American women is $5. Something must be done about that. Something beyond the physical labor of our work, there must be a shift in healing the ancestral wounds around our money. There must be a shift in healing, the deeply seated wound of self-worth, or lack thereof, that many of us have accepted throughout social conditioning, and religious conditioning. And so, one of the areas of focus for me will be money mindset, with a deep emphasis on healing, the ancestral wounds around money.

The second, as a metaphysician, and I rarely say this to folks, but you know, the document on the wall says, I am Reverend Dr. Frantonia Pollins. And the doctorate is in metaphysical psychology, it is to help you go beyond what is present in the physical to get a deeper understanding of the cause, the root cause of what is going on within you. So, the second area of focus will be personal and spiritual transformation. Personal and spiritual transformation for extraordinary women entrepreneurs personal. Somehow, we have been deluded into believing that we can build a business without first building ourselves. We’ve been tricked into believing that you can build an external thing without building the internal being. So that is the second area of focus that you begin to watch and experience as you are on my email list, and as you see me coming back into front-facing, content creation on social media.

And then finally, as a transformational coach who has, for many, many years invested hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars working with other business coaches, there’s something that I recognize that I can no longer deny it’s that the work of transformational coaching, whether you are a healer, whether you are a life coach, whether you are a financial advisor who educates your clients on transforming their thoughts and relationship to how they navigate their physical money; that coaching a transformational business is quite different than coaching for a transactional business. And after spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours and the hours of time and energy, I’m very clear that it is time for me to help other transformational coaches learn the marketing strategies, learn the delivery strategies that work for creating a highly profitable coaching business or practices around their service, and doing so in a way that we don’t become burned out and exhausted. And so that third area of focus will be helping you to create a highly profitable coaching business.

I wanna recap right quick, the three areas of focus will be Money Mindset with an emphasis on helping you to heal the ancestral money wounds. The second area of focus is gonna be personal and spiritual transformation. And then finally, the third area of focus is business-related and it is specific to helping coaches, healers, and transformational service providers to create a highly profitable practice or highly profitable coaching business.

Why are you sharing all of this with us, Dr. Frantonia? Because I want to be able to specifically serve you in the area that matters most to you. And so attached to this email, there will be an opportunity for you to select the area that most resonates for you, the area that you desire deep support. And over the next few weeks, there will be opportunities for you to join me in training and, you know, webinars and classes and the like. And so below this audio message, you will have an opportunity to click a link that will direct you and your information to an opportunity for you to join me in the specific area that affects you most. So, for example, if you are someone who knows that you currently hold money blocks, that are standing in the way of the way that you, as a woman entrepreneur call in your money, or the way that you resist calling in money, if you know that you some shame around the idea of charging for your services, if you know that you are ready to move into a six-figure, seven-figure, eight-figure and beyond business, but you have some energetic and ancestral blocks around that, then you would click the link below that says money mindset mentor.

If you know that there are some personal development things going on with you, or spiritual development opportunities for you. For example, if you know that mindset is a challenge for you, or imposter syndrome is a challenge for you. If you know that goal setting and sticking to your goals is a challenge for you. If you know that you are someone who tends to procrastinate in moving forward, then you would simply click the link below that says personal and spiritual transformation for extraordinary women entrepreneurs.

And if you happen to be a coach, a healer, or a professional service provider who wants to build a highly profitable business, a highly profitable practice, then you would simply click the link below and know that as I am on this journey of unlearning, right, that the opportunity to work with me in growing your business and building your business, will move you into new ways of doing just that.

So, I feel like I’m rambling at this point, and I’ve got some things that I must get to and attend to on my Monday morning, as I am preparing to travel tomorrow. I appreciate you for listening. Yeah. I appreciate you for listening and for hearing my heart, particularly as I’m speaking off the top of my head, I appreciate you for giving me an opportunity to share with you what has been downloading for me. I appreciate you for being here as a part of my community, I appreciate you deeply for doing just that.

Please pay attention, right now, what I am experiencing, I am calling a “Divine Disruption” and I am inviting you on this journey with me, I’m inviting you on this journey with me. If there’s something that is rumbling in your Spirit, telling you that it is time for you to do a new thing it’s time for you to activate the spark within yourself, right? To move into the next iteration of yourself. If there’s something that has been rumbling inside of you telling you that it is time for you to be bigger, right? That it is time for you to free yourself from the ancestral money wounds and stories that have been holding you back in shame around your Divine birthright to wealth – total wellbeing in every aspect and area of your life; then I invite you to join me, I invite you to join me on this journey, on this Divine Disruption.

Know that I love you. I love you. I love you. I LOVE you to LIFE!

And there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

Until next time, I’ll talk with you soon.