frustrated black woman at laptopOver the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing a bit of “fuzziness” as it relates to my business. Initially, my focus had been solely about helping women entrepreneurs to increase their financial bottom line. I would help them to discover their niche, ideal business model and attract their “tribe” all in the name of making more money. But every time I got to the part of coaching a client on developing the mindset necessary to be successful,  FIRST in life then in business, I ran into a common problem.

When it came to doing to the work necessary to challenge & remove the blocks & barriers which hinder their business growth, I required them to practice a technique I’ve created called “Sacred Selfishness” – simply put, I suggested that women MUST begin by putting their spiritual, mental & emotional needs FIRST!! Before the business, husband, friends & family and yes, even before the children!

Whoa!! When my clients heard this, it was almost as if I had suggested something salacious or criminal even. Many of my clients even asked, “what does that have to do with growing my business or making more money?” Hearing this question rocked me to my core. I spoke with other women entrepreneurs, CEO’s and even other female coaches about the question I received from my clients and to my surprise, many of them expressed the same query. They shared with me their model for the “picture” of success and that model almost dictated that women entrepreneurs where practically required to leave the WOMAN part out of being an entrepreneur.

It was almost as if the women entrepreneurs and business women whom I had encountered had been taught that the only way to be successful was to play the game & win the game the way that men do it, in fact that is exactly what we ALL have been taught.  In other words, we’ve been taught that in “success there is no place for intuition, creativity, feminine wisdom or passion & purpose. And above all else, the idea of collaboration is a definite no-no. We are to be cut-throat & competitive. Your sole focus is to win at all costs, even if it means sacrificing yourself. This whole scenario was disturbing to my soul and I began to wonder if I had in any way contributed to painting this picture or idea to my clients.

My philosophy of The First Lady Lifestyle is about making a COMMITMENT to BE nothing less than my abSOULute best so that I AM fully prepared to receive the abSOULute best that the Universe has for me in ALL areas of my life. In turn, I can then offer the best service to my clients and the world. So in preparing mySELF to be of the greatest service to my “tribe”, I decided to go back to the drawing board. Although I believed that I had created a business designed to help women to be “holistically” successful, something was awry. I went back and had heart to heart conversations with some of those same clients & coaches and the “soulful truths” that were shared with me brought me to the pivotal decision that my coaching business needed to add a bit more focus on ALL aspects of what it means to be a WOMAN who just happens to be an entrepreneur. To shed light on the hidden battles, fears & challenges as well as the successes & profits. I was then reminded of a manifesto of sorts that I had written a while back…..

From day one, my PASSIONATE purpose in life has been to be of service by empowering women. Why women? Because women are the first teachers! In ALL of the roles that we play as women – Mother, Wife, Friend, Sister, Aunt, Confidant, Mentor, CEO, Manager & Business owner – we are “teaching”.  Whether on purpose with focused intention or by default, WE are the First Teachers. Quite often we are the only teachers to & for the world.
It is a beautiful thing, my sisters, to be of service, to “teach” & pour into those whom we are blessed to be a part of their lives HOWEVER, we can only teach that which we have FULLY learned. We can only “pour” into others that with which we are “filled”.
Over the last few months in my coaching business I have sat knee cap to knee cap with women who are tired & “broken” by the weight of the “super-woman” cape; the very same cape that once created the illusion of invincibility.

I have sat and cried with women who literally collapsed in the middle of the floor because the painful secrets in their closets are screaming to be released. I have BEEN the woman whose life experiences left me in pain that ran DNA deep and created an emotional numbness that imprisoned my FULL potential.  I have encountered women who have been playing many if not all of the aforementioned roles for their entire lives and as a result, they are FRUSTRATED, OVERWHELMED, DEEPLY WOUNDED, AT THE END OF THEIR ROPES & simply put, ON THE BRINK OF GIVING UP.

ALL of these women, myself included, have been trained, programmed & taught to “pretty it up”, wear the mask and go through life as if all is well and nothing bothers them; and all the while the pain buried in the “back room” of their hearts is begging to be acknowledged and healed; for they are broken on the inside.

These are the same “broken” women who will at some point raise “broken” children who then become the architects of systems that create an entire “broken” society & world.  frustrated white woman

Sadly, this is so deeply ingrained in pysche of women that it all considered “normal” – well it is my contention that it is time for a “new normal”.

LADIES– In order for this cycle to end, we MUST begin the process of healing – it is NOW time for us to HEAL the WHOLE woman so that we can heal the whole world.
That is what the First Lady Lifestyle & Leadership Academy is all about. We are an international, on-line & off-line community designed to re-introduce women to their TRUE power by encouraging them the begin the healing process so that they are powerfully positioned to be “First Lady” in 7 key areas of their lives and so that their own uniquely Divine and powerful purpose on the planet can be awakened, cultivated and shared with the world. 
Those 7 key areas of empowered focus are:
1-Success Mindset          
2-Total Health & Wellness   
3-Love & Relationships  
4-Spiritual / Self Awareness   
5-Conscious Wealth Creation     
6-Career & Entrepreneurship
7-Legacy, Leadership & Life Purpose                                
My mission is to create & facilitate opportunities for the healing & prospering of women everywhere. But I cannot do this alone. I NEED YOUR HELP with a few very critical things:
1) If you recognized yourself in the description I gave above as a woman who is painfully overwhelmed and in need of relief, please know that you are not alone. Simply visit and register so that you can be added to our mailing list. We respect your privacy and NEVER share your information with any other group, business or company. Be sure to check your email to confirm your desire to receive valuable information from us.

Over the next few days I will announce opportunities for you to partner with extraordinary coaches, powerful women and thought leaders who are joining me on this journey this extraordinary mission. Powerful people who WHOLE HEARTEDLY believe in this mission.
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Imagine the POSITIVE impact we will have on the WORLD when women are TRULY & FULLY empowered.
3) GET INVOLVED! I am looking for 10 POWERFUL Women in 10 cities across the U.S. to JOIN MY LEADERSHIP TEAM. Women who have a sincere desire to help other women. If you are a “connector/center of influence” and a  self-starter, if you have a passion for serving & inspiring, please visit and add your name to our mailing list as well. Then, PLEASE email me at and make sure that you put “FLLA LEADERSHIP TEAM” in the subject line so that I won’t miss your message.   
I AM WHOLE-SOUL COMMITTED to this mission until the nano-second that I take my last breath and I THANK YOU in advance, my Beautiful Brothers & Sisters, for joining me & making your own commitment to the world changing mission to HEAL THE WHOLE WOMAN so that we that we can heal the whole world.
With a SOUL-DEEP love,
Frantonia Pollins – “America’s First Lady of Empowerment”